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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

TeslaCam browser viewer, Sentry Viewer, MacOS

Welcome to Sentry Viewer! These posts will be dedicated to keeping track of changes made to releases of Sentry Viewer. Here are a list of features available in v1.0.0

  • Ability to view high level folders (sentry clips, recent clips, saved clips).

  • High level folders that are missing will have an alert next to them letting you know that a particular folder is missing.

  • Display each 1 minute clip as a single event in the event browser.

  • Right click a row (or multiple rows if they are selected) and select open in Finder. This is a quick way to get straight to the source videos you are looking for without browsing them one by one.

  • Video events are labeled with their date and record start time.

  • The number of video events in a high level TeslaCam folder is displayed at the top of the event browser.

  • Selecting a single row in the event browser populates the player with all clips for that particular event allowing you to quickly scrub through all cameras at once.

  • Dynamic video layout. A video layout will be determined by the number of valid files for a particular event. Teslas on V9 and older will use a three video layout. Teslas on V10 and later will use the four corners square layout.

  • Selecting multiple rows (via shift + left click or command + left click) in the event browser allows you to select multiple video events to be checked.

  • When one more videos are checked, the "Generate video with selected events" button can be pressed to generate a composition in the player. This is a highly effective way to scrub through dozens of clips in a short amount of time.

  • Export. To begin an export, check one or more events and go to File > Export. Files will be saved 1080p by default. Export resolutions will be added soon.

  • You may cancel an export while it is in progress.

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