Updated: Dec 8, 2019

- Bumped the minimum MacOS target down to 10.13 from 10.14 to accommodate users on older versions of MacOS.

- Added a preferences panel. Preferences can be accessed through the standard Mac top bar by going to Sentry Viewer > Preferences or the keyboard shortcut (CMD + ,)

- Added a date format option. This option will determine how date and times are displayed in the event browser, playhead time, and timecodes in exported videos are displayed.

- Date and time formats are now localized based on your computer's language setting.

- Added an option to hide the rear license plate from your rear camera footage in the main player window. This option can be accessed from the preferences menu. Note: this option does not affect video export settings.

- Added an option to hide the rear license plate from your rear camera footage for exporting videos. This option can be accessed from the Export menu (File > Export).

- Added an option to automatically open a movie after it has finished exporting.

- Added the option to jump to next/previous events in a multi-event timeline.

- Jump to the previous clip by going to Playback > Previous Event or keyboard shortcut J. Alternatively, press the previous button in the main interface.

- Jump to the next event by going to Playback > Next Event or keyboard shortcut K. Alternatively, press the next button in the main interface.

- The event currently playing in the main interface can be revealed by going to Playback > Reveal Current Event or pressing the reveal button in the bottom left of the main interface. This will select the current playing files in Finder.

- The text next to the previous/next button displays which number event is currently playing in a multi-event timeline.

- Changing the playback resolution setting in the main player window will continue playback from the current time instead of starting the current composition from the beginning.

- Added tooltips to buttons. Hover over a button to learn what a particular button does.

- Added the ability to embed timecode into an exported video. The timecode will reflect the real world date and time the event was captured.

- The "include timecode" is a toggle option in the export dialog box.

- Removed dynamic layout for timelines where events contain different number of source video files (combining V10 four camera events with pre V10 three camera events). This caused a regression that would not allow these timelines to export.

- Added the ability to choose export resolution. All resolutions now support a 16:9 and 4:3 variant.

- Added 4k export resolution option.

- Added player speed controls to the main browser window. The player can now be played at 0.1x, 0.25x, 1x, and 2x speeds.

- Speed control setting persist between app sessions.

- Note: speed controls do not affect exported videos. They are strictly to alter player speed in the main browser window.

- Added a playhead date and time display underneath the main player. The playhead time will display the exact date and time of the current event being played. This feature supports multi-event compositions. This feature is particularly useful for getting the exact timestamps for significant events that occur during your footage.

- Added an option to change the resolution of the preview in the main interface. Using a lower resolution will increase playback performance, use less processing power, and reduce playback stuttering if the user is experiencing playback issues.

- Selected preview resolution options persist between app sessions.

- Note: Preview resolution option does not affect exporting. This option only affects the resolution of preview in the main interface window.

- Fixed a bug that would create a less than optimal layout for events with one or two video source files.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Welcome to Sentry Viewer! These posts will be dedicated to keeping track of changes made to releases of Sentry Viewer. Here are a list of features available in v1.0.0

  • Ability to view high level folders (sentry clips, recent clips, saved clips).

  • High level folders that are missing will have an alert next to them letting you know that a particular folder is missing.

  • Display each 1 minute clip as a single event in the event browser.

  • Right click a row (or multiple rows if they are selected) and select open in Finder. This is a quick way to get straight to the source videos you are looking for without browsing them one by one.

  • Video events are labeled with their date and record start time.

  • The number of video events in a high level TeslaCam folder is displayed at the top of the event browser.

  • Selecting a single row in the event browser populates the player with all clips for that particular event allowing you to quickly scrub through all cameras at once.

  • Dynamic video layout. A video layout will be determined by the number of valid files for a particular event. Teslas on V9 and older will use a three video layout. Teslas on V10 and later will use the four corners square layout.

  • Selecting multiple rows (via shift + left click or command + left click) in the event browser allows you to select multiple video events to be checked.

  • When one more videos are checked, the "Generate video with selected events" button can be pressed to generate a composition in the player. This is a highly effective way to scrub through dozens of clips in a short amount of time.

  • Export. To begin an export, check one or more events and go to File > Export. Files will be saved 1080p by default. Export resolutions will be added soon.

  • You may cancel an export while it is in progress.


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